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Mobilunity is a provider of dedicated development teams aiming to bring European corporate culture to the Ukrainian IT-labor market.
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Our new Head of Content Marketing has the following knowledge and experience:

  • Previous experience of content management. One includes copywriting, image content creation (and design/branding) and video production.
  • Understanding of branding, viral marketing and digital marketing overall. A key skill, as with the help of content marketing we are willing to show all benefits of the Company as a service provider.
  • Understanding of SEO and SMM. Content Marketing will be very much close working with these teams.
  • Capacity of managing people inhouse and remote. We need a person who knows how to put tasks, how to motivate on doing them, and how to be sure those tasks will be done right.
  • Very much result-oriented. Reasons of WHY it can’t be done well or on time are already known; we need a person who will find HOW to do it still well and on time.
  • Ability to organize a full cycle of content production. Your ideas will be approved, and the result of your work will be verified. That’s it.
  • Everything else is supposed to be done/organized by you alone, upon the resources provisioned of course.
  • English true fluency is a must.


  • Think strategically to identify categories of content that can be developed to grow our business.
  • Gather data, perform analysis and make recommendations based on those results.
  • Create special materials in partnership with project experts (whitepapers, case studies, interviews, success stories).
  • Review and update materials for newsletter, website and blog.
  • Contribute to the creation and distribution of supplementary PR materials.
  • Manage content distribution to online channels and social media platforms to increase web traffic.
  • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels.

Joining the team you will get:

  • The friendliest community of like-minded IT-people
  • Open knowledge-sharing environment – exclusive access to a rich pool of colleagues willing to share their endless insights into the broadest variety of modern technologies
  • Paid vacations and sick leaves, including 5 paid days per year that don’t require a sick note
  • Fair salary and 100% taxes coverage – don’t worry about possible taxes raise – we will get you covered 😉
  • Remote mode during quarantine period and perfect office location after: city-center, 900m from Lukyanivska metro station, a green and spacious neighborhood with lots of cafes and supermarkets nearby
  • No open-spaces setup – separate rooms for every team’s comfort and multiple lounge and gaming zones on all of the 3 floors;
  • Neverending fun: sports events, tournaments, music band, multiple affinity groups.


Mobilunity is a provider of dedicated development teams aiming to bring European corporate culture to the Ukrainian IT-labor market. Throughout all the years of our existence and until now, we’ve been working hand in hand with European companies as our primary partners.

By our own example, we are proving that the dedicated team model works the best in all directions including employee’s interests as people have always been our main asset. Joining Mobilunity you won’t ever feel alone.

An ideal candidate has successful experience working on alike position for a service company working on the international b2b market(s).

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