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Having started as a FinTech startup in 2014, we grew to the agency with 70+ specialists on board and 150+ accomplished projects in the FinTech, Healthcare, Media domains.
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We are looking for a Python Engineer experienced in the area of data engineering and backend web development, who’s ready to make important tech decisions and feels comfortable with a startup atmosphere.

On this project, you will work closely with the founder of one of the largest Data Science communities worldwide. We now have a working MVP with a few 3rd-party integrations, active users, exciting plans, and engaged investors.

The team builds a platform for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning specialists to assess them, provide upskill recommendations, and connect with the jobs that fit them best. Our models make decisions based on skills, experience, education, and achievements from the resume, as well as location/salary and other preferences of both companies and candidates. We want to change the experience of job search when a candidate submits a resume and never hears back from the hiring company, that’s why our product focuses on feedback, professional growth, and win-win situations for both companies and talents. If you feel like you would like to join us, please do.


  • At least 4 years of experience with Python
  • Solid knowledge of Django/Flask Rest frameworks
  • Experience with PostgreSQL(SQLAlchemy)
  • Experience working with Airflow
  • Proficiency in AWS, Microservices, Docker, CI/CD

Would be a plus if you have familiarity with:

  • Machine learning/Data Science
  • Spacy/Tensorflow/Scikit-learn/NLTK
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Work with client expectations and use tech background to turn a vision into possible ways to reach the business goal and specific technical to-dos
  • Demonstrably being able to deal with change on a daily basis;
  • Excellent teamwork skills, capable of supervising and deputizing in a management role
  • Writing comprehensive documentation (such as data models etc)
  • Readiness to teach/mentor


What makes Ralabs the best company to work for? Our great people and belief in long-term relationships. 15% of Ralabs people work here from the very beginning. They started from junior positions and became seniors, leads, architects. Being a senior-level person in Ralabs means not only proficiency in what you do, but also requires you to mentor others, lead by example and share the core values we carry through the years as a community.

Lead and senior-level people have a lot of power to impact how we do things, what we should improve in processes, and how we interact with the clients. So, it’s a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of space for growth. If you feel like you`re ready to help us with building the right processes, quality products, and mentor others, Ralabs is the right company to join.

PYTHON benefits:

  • Paid sick-leaves (15 days), vacations (20 days), medical insurance, sports, educational courses, English classes, psychological training sessions, you name it;
  • You can work remotely if you want to;
  • Taxi is on us in case you’d like to visit the office;
  • Having fun on corporate celebrations and team-buildings included;
  • Our engineers are working on the newest Apple MacBooks. You can have one or pick any other working machine;
  • Nerds are welcome; even founders still like to code;

Other Perks:

  • Remember we wrote about corporate celebrations and working anniversaries? The good news is that we also have presents for these cases;
  • Unless you`d like to stay home, Ralabs office with unlimited car/bicycle parking space at cozy eco-part of the city is waiting for you;
  • Monthly all-hands meeting with founders, where you know all the latest news and ask any question.

О работодателе:

Ralabs is a tech and design agency.

Having started as a FinTech startup in 2014, we grew to the agency with 70+ specialists on board and 150+ accomplished projects in the FinTech, Healthcare, Media domains.

Our team excels in Javascript, Python, and Ruby. We have the internal communities and competencies matrixes, helping our engineers to grow in these technologies.

Our service line includes Web, Mobile, and Custom software development, UI/UX design, DevOps, QA, R&D, and Consulting.

  • 90% of our projects are for startups and SMEs.
  • 60% of our engineers are in Senior positions.
  • 4-5% — our average employee turnover rate

Our best projects:

📺 A platform for the biggest Ukrainian media: hromadske.ua
🚑 Europe’s 1st app for COVID-19 prevention: en.geohealthapp.de
🏆 Award-winning FinTech applications: capitalise.com and cr2.com

Our values

  1. Long-term Relationships. Most of our senior engineers joined the company as trainees or juniors many years ago. This is something we are proud of, and team rotation will always be one of our key metrics.
  2. Honesty. We strive for transparency and always share the company’s news and metrics for all the employees on Monthly Digests and 1-1 meetings.
  3. Instant Feedback. Communicating both positive and negative feedback is key for personal growth.
  4. Knowledge-sharing. Our traditions are Monday Tech talks, lectures with psychotherapists, and hosting tech events. We train together weekly and take part in sports competitions.

And we are having fun, a lot.

Check out our open positions and help maybe acquire Microsoft one day. 🙂

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